Saturday, April 17, 2010

My first steps in activism

Sorry it took so long for me post. If you have not heard, RI had a major flood (google flood at Warwick Mall... craziness), and as a result the aforementioned RIVA meeting was postponed. The meeting was held this past Thursday instead, at Whole Foods market in Cranston - and I loved it. The group was wonderful and welcoming, and it was so refreshing to meet other vegans. As a minority in this area, it can feel isolating at times - of course it also helps in my case that Brian is vegan too. Anyway, I was so excited to meet this group of people. We talked about info stands, tabling, and other ideas for spreading awareness. We stuck RIVA labels on some Veg for Life magazines and RIVA brochures as we chatted. The atmosphere was laid back, but it was clear everyone present had a strong commitment to the cause of animal rights. It was exciting to be a part of. One of the things we talked about was an upcoming event called Greenfest where we were going to set up a table for education/awareness/outreach. I volunteered to help out at the table and bring vegan brownie samples to add to the spread of vegan food samples we'd be putting out.

Greenfest was today, and I must say it was pretty cool. Our table had vegan t-shirts, books (including children's books - how cool is that!), literature on the issues of factory farming, environmental consciousness, and health. The food samples were delicious too! The event itself kinda stunk - not too much traffic, but the opportunity to talk to a few people about veganism was really cool and made me realize I would love to do this kind of thing more often. Of course I'll keep you updated on that :)


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